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* The Physiology seminars are held on Wednesdays.
* Seminars are not scheduled for every week of the quarter, but we may arrange special division meetings in that time slot when seminar speakers are not available.
* Our seminars are open to all. Please feel free to send this schedule to any colleague interested in attending.



Winter Quarter 2015


Jan 14

Karen Ocorr, PhD
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Cardiac responses to hypoxia & microgravity in Drosophila

Jan 21

Laura Crotty-Alexander, MD
UCSD Dept of Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care

E-cigarettes, better for the airways and innate immunity compared to cigarettes? Or doomed to cause their own diseases?

Jan 28

David De La Zerda, MD
UCSD Dept of Medicine, Pulmonary Critical Care

What is a normal Hypoxic Ventilatory Response and how can we measure it in patients with lung disease?

Feb 4

No Seminar - Division Meeting

Feb 11

Rick Buxton
UCSD Dept of Radiology

MRI basics and arterial spin labeling (ASL)

Feb 18

Miriam Scadeng
UCSD Dept of Radiology

Morphological adaptation of the penguin respiratory system to diving

Feb 25

Sue Hopkins, MD, PhD
UCSD Dept of Medicine, Division of Physiology

Studies of pulmonary blood flow distribution with arterial spin labeling (ASL)

Mar 11

No Seminar - Division Meeting

Mar 18

No Seminar

Mar 25

No Seminar

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