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* The Physiology seminars are held on Wednesdays.
* Seminars are not scheduled for every week of the quarter, but we may arrange special division meetings in that time slot when seminar speakers are not available.
* Our seminars are open to all. Please feel free to send this schedule to any colleague interested in attending.




 Spring Quarter 2016


Mar 30

No Seminar: Division Meeting

Apr 2-6

American Physiological Society and Experimental Biology convention

San Diego Convention Center

Apr 13

Robert Owens, MD
Division of Pulmonary Critical Care Sleep Medicine, UCSD

Pathophysiology of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Apr 20*

Atul Malhotra, MD
Division of Pulmonary Critical Care Sleep Medicine, UCSD

Physiological Basis for Personalized Therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Apr 27

No Seminar: Division Meeting

May 4

Corey James Jew, PhD
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, UC Irvine

Comparative Physiology of Air Breathing Fishes

May 11

Sean Wilson, PhD
Center for Perinatal Biology, Loma Linda University

Pulmonary Vascular Responses to Chronic Hypoxia

May 18*

No Seminar:
American Thoracic Society Annual Meeting (May 13-18, San Francisco)

May 25

No Seminar: Division Meeting

Jun 1

Lubo Zhang PhD
Director, Center for Perinatal Biology, Loma Linda University

Developmental Programming of Ischemic-Sensitive Phenotype in the Heart

* Physiology Journal Club: 3rd Wednesday of every month following the Physiology Seminar.

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